Seal cutting, industrial and
non-ferrous parts.

Washers, seals, shims,
shock absorbers, tapes… we have
extensive expertise
in many market sectors
(industrial, automotive,
maintenance, leisure,
packaging, aeronautics…)

découpes de joints

We can satisfy all of your
requests and produce prototypes
with no tooling obligations, at competitive

We can issue a dimensional certificate on request, thanks to a rib control and cutting tolerance scanner.

We can cut a wide range of materials :

Soft or compact: foam, rubber, nitrile,
fluorinated silicone, elastomer, Teflon, PVC…
Films : polyester, Nomex©, Milar©, Macrofol©…

The quality and precision of our equipment

Our automatic cutting capability, laser, traditional presses
and control scanner allow us to manufacture parts from
just a few millimeters to several meters in length or
circumference and to respect your tolerances.

We can also perform laser marking on most of our seal cuts.

Thanks to its know-how, SRATI can provide you with custom solutions for your projects


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